Who should do the packing…


Let the movers pack, and let All Things Home unpack and organize your new home.

Most people consider one of the most dreaded chores of moving to be packing.  It’s the call we get the most often, and it goes like this: “We thought we could pack ourselves, but the movers come tomorrow and we are no where near ready.”

Clients tend to underestimate how much time it will take, and how many boxes and moving supplies will actually be needed.

So, how do you choose to pack yourself, call in professional packers or hire the moving company to pack?  The answer can be different for every family and each moving circumstance.

Are you moving down the block or across the country?  Do you have a ton of breakables, valuable collectibles, irreplaceable objects of art? Do you have a month to devote to your move or two days? Are you moving yourself via rental truck or are you hiring the pros? All these questions need examination as part of determining who should pack.

Generally, we recommend that if you can afford it, let the moving company you have chosen pack you.  At least, let them pack the breakables, collections, anything too heavy, too large, too cumbersome and especially, anything you will want their insurance to cover should it break.  No moving company can insurance the contents of a box unless they have packed it.

Certainly, it is safe to pack soft goods or non breakables yourself. We don’t recommend using your linens to pack breakables, but from time to time people insist on doing this.  A moving company will not do so.  We and they, will want to use a good clean, sturdy moving paper.  Just as we recommend using good, clean, sturdy moving boxes and not those that have been found outside the grocery store or that have been stored in the damp garage for years.

All Things Home offers a service called “pre-move prep”, which includes going through the house to prepare for the packing…gathering like items together, putting anything that can spill or drip into resealable plastic bags, making sure caps are on tight on all products, the coffee grounds are out of the coffee maker, checking for keys in drawers and removing all personal items – RX, credit cards, passports, etc. Our goal is to do anything that makes the packing go faster and more smoothly. And ultimately, help the unpacking go all the easier.

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